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Top 7 Pet-Friendly Hotels in the United States

Traveling with your furry friend can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a little stressful if you don’t know where to stay.  Whether you’re going on a road trip or visiting friends and family out of town, it’s important to look for hotels that not only let pets stay in their rooms, but are especially accommodating to your fur babies.  Luckily, there are pet hotels all across the U.S. that will welcome your dog or cat with open arms! You may want to consider these options for your next getaway. 


  1. The Kimpton Palomar Hotel

The Kimpton Palomar is a pet-friendly hotel that offers luxurious accommodations for both you and your furry friend. According to the official website, the Kimpton allows you to bring any kind of pet at no additional charge. This includes dogs, cats, snakes, tarantulas, heck even your naked mole-rat – as long as it fits through the door! So if you’re looking for a hotel that allows any kind of animal (well, almost any kind), then look no further! 

Additionally, your pet will have the full bougie experience, as they will be welcomed by name and have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of amenities. 

Hotel Highlights

  • No additional charge / no deposit 
  • No limit on the number of pets
  • No size or weight restrictions
  • Plush pet bed in your room
  • Water and food bowls
  • Courtesy doggie bags

Book a room at The Kimpton Hotel here 

  1. The Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV 

Everyone needs a good Vegas trip, so why not bring your dog? The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most luxurious dog-friendly hotels in the United States. They offer spacious suites that can accommodate up to two dogs with a combined weight of 100 pounds. There’s also a $150 nightly fee but hey, it’s $150 well spent! So if you’re thinking about a fun place to travel to that also allows dogs, book a stay at The Bellagio. Just make sure your dog doesn’t become addicted to poker! 

Hotel Highlights

  • $150 nightly fee 
  • Up to two dogs allowed (a second dog fee will be charged)
  • Housekeeping services available for dog messes
  • In the case you need to leave your dog in the room, check-in services are available for $25
  • Dog walking services provided by third party
  • Doggie boxes are available for purchase, which includes treats, toys, and a bandana

Book a room at The Bellagio Hotel here


  1. The Hotel Monaco – Seattle, WA

If you’re ever thinking about visiting Seattle, we highly recommend checking out the Hotel Monaco. Why? Well, because they’re crazy about animals and invite pets of all kinds to stay at no additional charge. Yay for free! 

As part of the Kimpton hotel group, Hotel Monaco welcomes customers’ pet’s with food and water bowls, pet beds, treats, and disposable baggies. Pets even have access to their own menu (although, you may have to place the order), which includes food like hamburger, chicken, beef stew, and even a “pupsicle”. No wonder they’ve been featured in a ton of articles!

Hotel Highlights

  • Furee! No additional charge
  • Any kind of pet welcome
  • In-room dining menu that offers a variety of food for your pet
  • Complimentary food and water bowls + pet beds + treats

Book a room at The Monaco-Seattle here


  1. The Resort at Paws Up – Greenough, Montana

If you’re to disconnect from society in a luxurious fashion with your dog, consider staying at The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana. This beautiful resort is tucked away in a forest and offers a full rustic getaway, from dozens of luxury cabins and homes, to high-end tents (perfect for glamping lovers). 

Not only do you get to enjoy a stunning location that offers a ton of sightseeing and hiking opportunities but Paws Up will also accommodate your pup for only $50 per night.

Hotel Highlights

  • $50 per night (per pet)
  • Dog bed and dish
  • Tennis ball
  • A map of nearby hiking trails to take your dogs
  • Locally made treats

Book a room at The Resort at Paws Up here


  1. ​​The St. Regis Aspen Resort, Aspen, Colorado

The next pet-friendly is The St. Regis Aspen Resort, located in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. The story goes that the man who originally founded this hotel in 1904 had a beloved dog named Kitty. To honor their founder, staff have adopted an official hotel dog which they named Kitty. Kitty can be found greeting guests and accepting belly rubs!

Each month, the hotel invites its community and guests to participate in a “Pawty” on the patio. Visitors are encouraged to bring their dogs; the money goes directly to Lucky Day Animal Rescue of Colorado. 

Hotel Highlights

  • $100 fee per night, $25 for remaining nights (per-room)
  • Play areas provided for dogs to run around
  • Dog bed and bowl given upon arrival
  • Dog sitting services for $50
  • Dog walking services for $20

Book a room at The St. Regis Aspen Resort here

  1. Bobby Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the place where people go to listen to amazing live music and eat good food. Bring your pet along for the ride and stay at the Bobby Hotel, located in downtown Nashville. 

Over the last couple of years, guests were greeted by the hotel ambassador, Sasha, a four-legged shepherd mix who was rescued from a local shelter. Not long ago, some nice folks adopted her and so the hotel decided to partner with the Nashville Humane Association to create a residence pet program. The hotel will adopt a dog, train it to be an emotional support animal, and then donate the dog to a U.S Veteran in need. 

Not only will treats and toys be provided to guests with furry friends, but your dog can join you to hang on most of the hotel property, which includes the lobby and patio cafe. They even sell Sasha merch, which is donated to Country Road Animal Rescue. 

Hotel Highlights

  • $50 fee per dog
  • 2 dogs per room
  • Bowls and beds delivered upon request
  • Dogs allowed in the lobby and the cafe

Book a room at The Bobby Hotel here


7. Cypress Inn, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Relax with your dog on the sands of California and stay at the Cypress Inn located in Carmel. Co-owned by the late actress and singer Doris Day (a well-known animal rights activist), this inn is recognized as one of the most dog-friendly hotels in the country! 

What makes this place so great? Not only is Cypress Inn incredibly accommodating to your pet, but beaches, walking trails, and pet-friendly shopping and eating areas are located nearby so that your pup can have an adventure! 

Cypress Inn has truly paved the way for pets, claiming that animals of all shapes and sizes are integral parts of our family and should be welcome to accompany their owners on their vacation. 

Hotel Highlights

  • $30 pet fee per night 
  • $50 per night for 2 pets
  • $70 per night for 3 pets
  • No size restrictions
  • Pet blanket provided for in-room use
  • Daily “Yappy Hour”, where free treats are provided

Book a room at The Cypress Inn here


We know how important it is to get away for a few days and how many of us look forward to exploring with our pets. Whether you want to adventure through a forest or traverse a big city, there are many hotel options that will go above and beyond at accommodating you and your pet. 

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